Adjust S-12 OLED

design: Bernd Unrecht, 2014-2016

The "Adjust" series of flat OLED light panels emit
glare-free and diffuse light into their surroundings.
Floating in the room like the weightless panels of a
satellite, they can be turned in different directions on
a ball joint for playful effects: now inwards, now outwards.

OLED-suspended lamp with tiltables
OLED-panels, dimmable, height-adjustable
hinges: chrome shiny
dimmability by wall-dimmer (not included by delivery)
2900 Kelvin, warm-white
energy-efficiancy: A++ bis A; 3000 cd/m²
material: aluminium, steel, powder-coated,
black; cable: black
canopy: metal, powder-coated, black

version: Adjust S-12-NE-80

with 12 OLEDs: ~ 3600 lumens; CRI ~ 80
life-time of OLED (at 70% lm) ~ 10.000 h
power-consumption: ~ 89 Watt allover

version: Adjust S-12-NE-90

with 12 OLEDs: ~ 3600 lumens; CRI ~ 90
life-time of OLED (at 70% lm) ~ 30.000 h
power-consumption: ~ 48 Watt allover

This lighting fixture contains built-in OLEDs.
The *OLEDs of this lighting fixture are not replaceable.

design / production:
Presenting the new OLED-light series "Adjust-S" the company
Bernd Unrecht lights makes a step further into the future of
the big energy-saving and high-developped technology of
illumination. The new OLED light serie bear the name "Adjust".
A significant element of the new series, which are all offered
as suspended lamps, are the very thin, less than 6 mm thick
OLED-panels. They are all tiltable by ball joints, which
allow different directions and a playful handling with light.
Alike several different lighting designs were transfered by
these flat light-panels: "Adjust S" – now horizontal – now oblique:
All "Adjust-S" suspended lamps are designed in a solitaire-version
or - in a row. Providing also soft and glare-free light, the
elegant and thin panels of the "Adjust-S" are easily to adjust
in different directions: now horizontal, now oblique. The "Adjust"
lamps produce a luminous flux of 3600 lumens.

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