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BERND UNRECHT   QUALITY CONCERN   OLED-custom made lighting fixtures
Bernd Unrecht, Industrial Designer, designs and
produces innovative luminaires. His fascination
for light is expressed in many moodful and
original lighting objects.

  We at Bernd Unrecht lights strive to provide long-
lasting and undiminished joy in the lights we
design and create. We ensure this through our
very high quality standards, which are applied
stringently, both at the design level as well as to
the choice of materials used and their processing.
A refined tradition of craftsmanship and a certain
"love of detail" are especially important. And we
adhere to these basic tenets by ensuring that our
high quality lights are made exclusively in Europe.
  Bernd Unrecht presents with his new
OLED-custom made lighting fixtures one of
the most significant innovative technologies
in lighting development.
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