Since its inception in the year 2005, the company Bernd Unrecht
lights has been designing, making and selling decorative lighting
fixtures for homes, with a timeless classical approach and
elegance of form.

In all our tastefully and artistically designed lighting fixtures, we
assign a special value to high quality of illumination, independent
and original design, longevity and high grade of workmanship.

All the lights made by Bernd Unrecht lights not only do justice
to their primary function of providing illumination, but also
augment and enhance the atmosphere, creating a unique
sense of cosiness and a stylish ambience, true to the credo
of Bernd Unrecht "light means warmth and longing".
Our lighting fixtures owe their special charm to the inspiration
drawn from stories, people and images of our multifarious world.

The design renders mood-accents and emotions as highly
individualistic forms, which spark off a certain something,
even cudgeling the viewer's storehouse of memories.

Thoughts and feelings thus translate into form and light,
rekindling emotions and thoughts afresh.

After his studies with degree in Industrial Design Bernd
Unrecht worked a couple of years for several well known
companies in the design industry.

The enthusiasm, to create continuously new products,that make
life more beautiful, easier and also better donated success and
energy to him. But the contact with light, its artistic effect and
its magic attraction has captured his thoughts more and more.

That is why Bernd Unrecht founded his own company and reached
his creative freedom to realize his ideas of and from light.

The fascination for light and his creative impact are expressed
since that in many moodful and original lighting objects.

What would the world be without light?

Light illuminates spaces, creating shadows, giving objects
a contour, creating mood and atmosphere, sometimes
threatening, sometimes cheerful and lively.

Just imaging a huge city like New York or Hong Kong and
its colourful, pulsating play of light after sundown.
Or, in contrast to this, a small church or grotto capturing
the essence of tranquillity and contemplation through the
flame of a small candle.

It is precisely this many-sided quality, vitality and poetry
of light that is captured in the designs created by
Bernd Unrecht lights.
We at Bernd Unrecht lights strive to provide long-lasting and
undiminished joy in the lights we design and create, and also
see this as our main challenge.

We ensure this through our very high quality standards, which
are applied stringently, both at the design level as well as
to the choice of materials used and their processing.

A refined tradition of craftsmanship, environment friendly
production techniques and a certain "love of detail" are
especially important in our company, and in our lighting

And we adhere to these basic tenets by ensuring that
our high quality lights are made exclusively in Europe.

We are looking for sales representatives to enlarge
our distribution network in Europe
for the following countries:

- Scandinavia: Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland
- Great Britain

Please adress to us:
We are looking forward to your application.